Fast bright 12V 55W ETK50-SL01

Fast bright, fast start HID Ballast 55W for 12V cars, less than 1% defective rate

Model No.: ETK50-SL01

Product Description


--100% AC digital slim ballast 55W, fast bright, fast start, quick starting

--with superior quality MCU and PCB design, work well on 12V cars.

--widely use in the market, plug and play, not hurt the car, safety and reliable

--Use new components, not used-components in it, low defective rate, less 1%

--Fast delivery, prompt shipment



Input voltage: DC 9-16V 

Output power: 55W
Working voltage: DC 13.2V
Working current: 4.2A
Starting current: 8A
Working temperature: -40~+105℃